Value added services

Renault VAPS

Value added services



RenewTech keeps your Renault looking as incredible as the day you bought it. It takes care of stone chips, minor dents, light scratches and other specified damage to your vehicle’s exterior or interior.


Helps settle the insurance shortfall when your financed Renault is stolen, hijacked or written off.

Deposit Cover

Insurance design to help cover the deposit on a replacement vehicle when it’s damaged beyond repair, stolen or hijacked.

Tyre and Rim

Specialised insurance which provides cover for damage to your tyres & rims. Punctures, blowouts or harm caused by road hazards, like kerbs, potholes and debris are all taken care of.


Find and recover your Renault if it’s stolen by installing a tracking device. Reduce your overall risk and lower your monthly insurance premium by installing this invaluable device.