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About this service

What is tyre & rim insurance?

Tyre and Rim Insurance makes provision for damage to your vehicle’s tyres and rims as a result of punctures, blowouts or damage suffered from road hazards, such as roadside kerbs, potholes and road debris. Tyre and Rim will pay for the repair or replacement of your tyres or rims in these cases, up to the maximum amount stated in the policy booklet. Download the guide for a quick summary on this product.

Terms, Conditions and Limitations apply. Benefits correct at time of publication. E&OE.

Why this cover?

The benefits for you

  • No unexpected repair costs
  • Road hazard damage repair
  • Pothole damage repair

How to claim

How to use this cover

  • When you become aware of damage – call our LiquidCapital Claims office on 0861 746 897.
  • Once your claim is approved – you will be required to take your car to an approved repairer within 7 days of getting approval.
  • In order to submit a claim easily you will need – Your name and contact details; Your policy number; Your VIN number; and Your car’s current kilometre reading.
  • Please report all claims – within 30 days of it taking place.

Contact a Tavcor Renault dealership today to find out more about tyre and rim insurance.